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WPC: A Weathered Vintage Mercedes 170 DS

Some time ago I passed a lot where a couple of old cars were parked. There were newer and older cars, but all of them were weathered. Vor einiger ...

Blumenbrigade - Bremen, Blumen undso

So in love with a Fiat 500

Stimmt das überhaupt noch? Halte ich da nicht an alten Dingen fest. Hat sich nicht so viel getan? Diese alte Knutschkugel Fiat 500 mit Musikkoffer ...


Weekly Photo Challenge: Names – Borgward

. Not too long ago I discovered an old Borgward Isabella in a warehouse. A real beauty that unfortunately is no longer made. Carl Friedrich Wilhelm ...


Weekly Photo Challenge – Shine

  Shine is the theme of This week’s photo challenge. Of course I could post a lot of appealing summer pictures, where the sun reflects prettily in ...


Weekly Photo Challenge – Edge

This week we are asked to post something with an edge. And here’s what the Wordpress Weekly Photo Challenge team asked for: This week, share your own ...