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Kerala: Indien´s Süden - Alapuzzha und Kochi

Manchmal kommt es anders als man denkt und Pläne gehen schief oder eine Unterkunft entpuppt sich als Kifferhölle... Indien happens!

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A weekend in Olomouc

Two hours from Vienna lies Olomouc, a small baroque city in Czech Republic. If you take the bus though it's more like four hours. Still a bus trip ...


Alleinreisen – Ein Gastbeitrag von Naninka Rösler

Der Beitrag Alleinreisen – Ein Gastbeitrag von Naninka Rösler erschien zuerst auf Barbaralicious.

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More impressions from Zakynthos

This week in Zakynthos seems so long ago and it actually already is. But the next summer is just around the corner and these pictures make me think ...

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9 Dinge, die ich auf der Reise gelernt habe

Wie ihr wisst habe ich die letzten Monate im Ausland verbracht. Genauer gesagt: In Neuseeland und Australien. 4 Monate sind eine gute Freundin und ...

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What to eat on Zakynthos and where

Compared to the island of Paxos, another Ionian island, Zakynthos has a lot less pasta on offer. Which I was extremely happy to discover. Although ...

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I’m back

Hey ihr Lieben, es tut mir leid, dass ich mich so lange nicht bei euch gemeldet habe. Seit ich aus Australien zurück bin, ging es ziemlich drunter ...

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The beaches of Zakynthos

After spending a week on Zakynthos I can't say I know all the beaches, but we tried a couple of them. Here is a detailed review on what to expect and ...

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The flowers of Zakynthos

Oh, how much I miss summer when I look at these abundant flowers. But we still have a couple of months to go before the cycle starts again. Until ...

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What I learned in 2017

2017 was a difficult year for the world and brought a lot of changes. For my own year I am happy to say I loved it. Looking back now this year again ...

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What I learned in Malta

Malta was a new country for me. Love it when I can cross another one from my list. Not that I won't come back, just that I have finally been there. ...

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The doors of Malta

Malta is an exquisite place for door pictures. They are bright and colorful and just shout "photograph me"! Interestingly enough most of the doors ...

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More impressions from Malta

The weekend was way to short to explore and we haven't even made our way to Gozo. Still, we got a good first impression. I have to go back again, ...

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Almost home

Leute, ich kann’s nicht glauben… in etwas weniger als 25 Stunden bin ich wieder in Deutschland! Nach knapp 4 Monaten hier in Down Under geht es ...

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Where and what to eat and drink in Malta (or to avoid)

First and foremost Malta has pastizzi to die for. Besides this revelation of a savoury pastry the island has other interesting dishes on offer. Of ...

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The highlights of Malta

A weekend is definitely too short for Malta. This island is a treasure trove of historical sites. So if you are a history buff like me either stay ...

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The saintly plaques of Malta

How extra-ordinary to find next to a door a saintly plaque. And not just a few but actually quite a lot. Malta was full of them. More so in Valetta ...

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Die Zeit rennt

Das Phänomen „Zeit“ ist wirklich unerklärlich. Gestern stand sie fast still, heute rinnt sie einem aus den Händen wie Sand… Ich weiß noch, wie ich ...

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Sayulita – Eating, Surfing & Chillin’ on Mexico’s Pacific Coast

Where is Sayulita and how to get there? Sayulita is a small surf town on the west coast of Mexico. It is situated in the state … Read More Der ...

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Why Malta is perfect for a weekend trip in November

What better way to flee a dreary November in Vienna than to fly to Malta. The island to the south of Sicily is spoiled with a mild and sunny climate. ...