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ü30 Blogger & Friends Winterfarben im Fokus

Winterfarben heisst es heute in dieser ü30 Blogger & Friends Aktion. Und auch wenn unser Titelfoto vornehmlich weiss und hellblau ist, so habe ich ...


5 More Stylish Ways to Wear a Silk Twilly

  Sorry for the delay in posting part two of 5 Stylish Ways to Wear a Twilly. But I needed the Easter holidays for taking some extra pictures. And ...


How I Wear My: Pantone’s Greenery

This month’s How I Wear My theme is dedicated to Pantone‘s Greenery. I thought last year’s Pantone colors were rather special, because I felt rose ...


Layering-Look – ü30Blogger & Friends

Was habe ich mir bloß gedacht, als ich mich für die Layering Aktion der ü30 Blogger angemeldet habe? Seit Tagen überlege ich nun, ob ich die Kunst ...


Alphabet 3, Another Hermès Love Affair

† A little over eighteen years ago I purchased my black and white Alphabet 3 scarf by designer Annie Faivre.  It actually is a Carré Finesse, a scarf ...


CFFC: Purples

If you’ve been following my blog just for a little while you’ll know what my favorite color is: PURPLE! Dark? Light? I don’t mind. Any kind of purple ...


New Bag Organizer For My Picotin MM

  How often do you search your bag in order to find something? Depending on the size of the bag I can say everything from not at all to too often. ...


My Magic Scarf

  Sometimes you see a scarf and instantly know “that’s it!”, just like this one, my magic scarf. Es gibt Tücher, die sieht man und weiß auf Anhieb ...


Weekly Photo Challenge Seasons

  This week’s photo challenge deals with “seasons”.  For us in the northern hemispheres it is officially winter, even though we are sometimes led to ...