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Vaulting Couple Claire De Ridder And Nicolas Adréani: “We Handstand ...

This interview was conducted by YOLOVAULTING. She talked to the vaulting couple Claire de Ridder (Netherlands) and Nicolas Andréani (France).


Tag 26 meiner Tour de France

Tag 26 meiner Tour de France – eigentlich wollte ich etwas über den Canal du Midi schreiben und über den Canal de la Garonne. Aber dann drängte sich ...

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Macrons „En Marche“ bei Wahl in Frankreich deutlich vorne

Bei der ersten Runde der Parlamentswahl in Frankreich liegt die Partei des neu gewählten Präsidenten Emmanuel Macron deutlich vorne. Laut einer um 20 ...


My little box #1

Mai Box – Friday Night Ich habe es getan, ich habe meine Glossybox nach fast einem Jahr abgemeldet und mich nach einer neuen Box umgesehen. Dabei ...

Les Berlinettes | Berlin Travel, Fashion & Lifestyle Blog

Exploring Seine et Marne with Vienna House hotels

If you follow me on Instagram you probably saw that I recently was near Paris with the hotel group Vienna House. Vienna House is an Austrian hotel ...


Encourager le tout électrique : le modèle d’Oslo

L’engouement de la Norvège pour les voitures électriques est sans comparaison avec le marché français, qui peine encore à populariser.. The post ...

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Cinema Alesia / Manuelle Gautrand Architecture

In 2011, the Gaumont-Pathé group decided to renovate the existing building in order to upgrade the cinemas and to improve user comfort The post ...

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book review: The Chateau of Happily-Ever-Afters (Jaimie Admans)

Sticking to a normal routine and a quiet life is the only thing that stops everything going wrong. What's the book about? In general, "The Chateau ...

Heinz Plomperg

65 % Macron - La Marseillaise Casablanca


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Vitrolles Media Library / Jean-Pierre Lott

The architect Jean-Pierre Lott has just delivered the new media library of Vitrolles. Located in the heart of the district of Les Pins, it symbolizes ...

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Mediterranean Agriculture

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LESS – Urban amplifier / AAVP ARCHITECTURE

In 1891 the city of Paris registered this 100-meter passageway, open two years prior on the property of sieur Delessert, between the Rue Pierre ...

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Modern Music Centre / Hérault Arnod architectes

The site is a corner of the Bel Ebat fairground, on the edge of the historic town centre of Evreux ... The post Modern Music Centre / Hérault Arnod ...

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Easter CVIs In Italy & France

Here is what I heard or read. Thi spost is not intended to be exhaustive. Vet check In Saumur all

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mediterranean village in france

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Living at the fullest

What I learned in Paris

Do I learn more when I travel alone? I am not really sure about it. As usual these are my observations and musing that I write down while traveling ...

Mein Frankreich

Etretat: die Klippen der Künstler

Sie gehört für mich zu den schönsten Küsten Frankreichs: die Côte d’Albâtre in der Normandie. Steil bricht dort Kalkplateau des Pays de Caux mit ...

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sunrise silhouette in Toulouse, France

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walking through street at night

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