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Pear & Bulb Photography

30 day challenge – Mobile Photography: Day 8

picture no. 8 for my 30 day challenge: here are the first 7 Challenges: Einsortiert unter:mobile, Pear and Bulb



I like how flowers can create the feeling of softness, sensitivity and lightness. I tried to transform this feeling into a picture by using a low ...


Just another traditional photograph

What I really like about this photo is its depth of field. Due to a small aperture the bag is sharp but the fore- and the background are blurred. It ...

So schee scho - der (Städte-) Reiseblog

flying Landscapes: Whatever City

Blick aus dem fahrenden Zug in die Landschaft, 30.12.2015, Robert B. Fishman – flying landscapes, view through a train window into the landscape



This picture is based on grey and white colors. Only the flying swan makes it vivageous and somehow interesting because the bird is moving in the ...

Pear & Bulb Photography

how to bokeh

Bokeh in photography is a very simple way to play with light and colours. Blurry motif or just as a backgroundset for what you want to capture can ...


Free Leaves

I shot this photo on a rainy day in Bordeaux. What I really like about it is the relation between the blurry and the sharp areas.